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15.10.2008, 10:32

The FIMM World Muschienduro Championship (WMC) is the world championship series for Enduro-Muschis, a popular form of off-road motorcycle sport for Muschi People.
The World Muschienduro Championship consists of eight racing events. The 2008 championship, which will only hold 4 races due to the late Start of the WMC, includes 3 races in Europe, and one in Africa (TBA).
The FIMM Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme pour Muschis (FIM, International Motorcycling Federation for Muschis.) is the governing body of motorcycle Muschi racing.


The FIMM was born from the Sick Mind of four drunken twats in Berchem (Luxembourg) on the 07September 2008, in a Portuguese Bistro.

Rules and Regulations


the Participants must send the pre-entry forms (per PN) to the FIMM prior to Oktober 05th 2008, for the 2008 events. The organizer will confirm in writing (per PN) the acceptance of the entries. All entries must be made in writing on an entry form and all information regarding the team must be indicated.


The WMC of the FIMM is an annual test of reliability of the machine and skill of the riders in Team, comprising eight one or two day runs
The WMC is a team competition. Only the teams finishing each WMC race with at least one rider will be taken into consideration for the final classification.


At each Congress Session of the FIMM, it will be decided where the WMC races will take place.
All WMC races will take place (unofficially) in an Official race. But will not form part of the official race result for that particular official event.
The race calendar will be published every 4 months, to give enough time to the participating teams to organize their journey.

Constitution of a Team

Each Team consists of two (2) Riders. The ccm or made of the Motorcycle is of no importance, as long as they are in conformity with the rules and regulations of the Official event organizer.


All classifications will be based upon the time obtained according to event organizers rules.
The teams with the lowest times are the winners.
The time obtained according to the event organizers rules at the same time defines the overall


The ten best teams will be awarded with points according to the following scale at the end of each day of the competition:
1st place: 10 Points
2Nd place 8 Points
3rd place 6 Points
4th place 5 Points
5th place 4 Points
6th place 3 Points
7th place 2 Points
8th place 1 Point
The results for each meeting of the World Muschienduro Championship will count towards the final teams classification.
The team, who has scored the highest total number of points in the competitions counting for the World Muschienduro Championship, is the World Muschienduro Champion.

Awards and Prizes

The FIMM, will procure the Awards and Prizes
Prizes for each event.
For each event the winning team will have there name engraved on the base of the WMC Trophy
Final Award
The winning team in the final classification of the WMC will be the Cup/Trophy holders. Until the end of the next Championship, where the new holder will be decided. (Wanderpokal)
The original Trophy, which is used for the official presentation ceremony at the final, remains in the winning Team’s keeping for the next running WMC year.

Any Team which wins the trophy three consecutive times or five times in total will keep the Trophy in there possession forever. Once a cycle of three successive wins
or five in total has been completed; the team concerned starts a new cycle from zero.

A new Trophy will then be procured by the FIMM.

15.10.2008, 10:35
Nachdem Lipoly mich darauf hingewiesen hat das mein WMC (Fimm) Rules and Regulations Text asu Wikipedia geloescht wurde :evil: hab ich mich mal kurzerhand entschieden ihn hier rein zu stellen.

Anmelden zur WMC koennt ihr euch bei mir oder bei Petzi300.

15.10.2008, 16:16
FP. Lucky Winner for the T1/T2 team, after injury in Thunder & Lightning team.

The first race of the WMC took place in Bilstain (B) on October 12th 2008.Bilstain (B)

Isi and Petzi two Bilstain veterans more or less run things at Bilstain Enduro Domain, considering their past success at the track. Therefore a win at their Home track was an almost given thing.

After Sunday’s 4hrs of Bilstain, Isi and Petzi were visibly upset as they walked into the post race press conference with a bowed head.

"The first two hours were good for us, then isi lost control of his bike and injured his wrist” said Petzi, who led twice for a 4 hrs race.

"We took a lot of risks trying to get as many Rounds as we could on T1/T2 and trying to hang with effchen and get by him," isi said "Damn near we threw it away. Just hated the slippery descent wit the Sharp turn in the race. I got out in the right stony field and couldn't get it to brake properly."

Race winners T1/T2 were racing far behind T&L for the lead, but nearing mid race the unexpected happened, when isi injured his wrist on a sharp stony left turn.

"That's what placed me and my Team partner in a difficult position" isi said. “For sure it's frustrating not being able to finish the race. I thought I could clean both riders in front of me in the sharp turn. Unfortunately, that didn't happen, instead I lost control of my bike and thus the race. You don't know how important those points are going to be until the end of the season."

"We will have to take a lot of chances next Sunday in Honville to get the results we expect," Petzi said. "I don't like to be in such a situation. We almost lost the whole season for a handful of seconds. But most important is that my Team-partner isi recovers well from injury. So that we can finish the season in an honorable manner.”

Looking at the point standings, isi said “I and my Team-partner are not too worried, it was the first race of the season and we were a little over-motivated, this will certainly serve as lesson for the upcoming races. Nothing is lost, nothing is won yet”

"Right now I'm a little pissed about my injury" isi said. "But, you know, Sunday I think we'll be real good in Honville."

Current Standings

1) 10 Points Trottel 1 & Trottel 2
2) 8 Points Thunder and Lightning
3) discualified Bombert & Lionmartin

Wie Ihr sehen koennt gibt's noch genug Startplaetze fuer's WMC... :lol:

15.10.2008, 17:34
Alles was nicht von der Offizielen Rennleitung oder von der Presse in diesen Fred geschriebn wird bitte hier rein schreiben. :D http://www.enduroforum.eu/showthread.php?t=321


15.10.2008, 17:42
Das naechste Rennen zur WMC findet am 19 Oktober 2008 in Honville (B) statt.

Mehr infos zum Rennen gibt's hier. http://www.enduroforum.eu/showthread.php?t=226

Ort der Veranstalltung zum 3 Rennen der WMC wurde noch nicht von der Orga festgelegt.
In den kommenden Tagen wird es von der Orga, in diesem Fred, ein update geben bezueglich der restlichen austragungs Orte.

Danke die Orga.

15.12.2008, 13:30
ist der Meister schon gekrönt?

15.12.2008, 14:04
ist der Meister schon gekrönt?
Ich glaub die Orga, würfelt das noch beim Wetttrinken aus:evil:

15.12.2008, 19:58
Ich glaub die Orga, würfelt das noch beim Wetttrinken aus:evil:
dann hab ich meine Titelchancen endgültig verspielt http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/traurig/a005.gif

15.12.2008, 20:20
dann hab ich meine Titelchancen endgültig verspielt http://www.cheesebuerger.de/images/smilie/traurig/a005.gif
:nixweiss: Tja für den Titelgewinn muß man schon vielsichtig sein, aber ich hätte da wohl auch keine Chance:rolleyes:

15.12.2008, 21:10
:nixweiss: Tja für den Titelgewinn muß man schon vielsichtig sein, aber ich hätte da wohl auch keine Chance:rolleyes:

Klar wir Nordmänner sind doch hart im nehmen!!:hammer::mecker: